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We are so thrilled to announce… our family is growing! And since we are already going nuts at Nut House, we thought our sister should stay sane ;). 

The idea for this company name was born as a pun, however the thought behind The Sane Sister goes beyond this.

Sometimes we all need a person in our lives we can turn to for a good talk, advice, or someone that tells you the truth like no one else will. From a place of love and good intention she will always be there.

We strive to always act with the thought of the big sister you can trust. No matter how hectic life gets, you know she stays sane and you can count on her. With our healthy and on-the-go juices you do not have to think twice about what’s in there, since we already did this for you. You can be sure it’s healthy, will support and nourish your body and at the same time get you through the day. In other words: Will stay sane. 

On Curaçao there are much more entrepreneurs who offer healthy products, have a lot of knowledge about a healthy lifestyle and perfectly fulfill the role of a ‘sane sister’. We believe we can achieve much more when cooperating and that’s why there will be a spot at The Sane Sister for local entrepreneurs to have a ‘pop-up stand’ to offer their products. It is our goal to share this pop up spot with multiple likeminded entrepreneurs and have some nice opportunities for our customers to try out different aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

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